Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cape With Rose #2--How To Wear

This cape comes with 2 rose ties:  One that is short to fasten to the front and wear the cape as a wrap around the shoulders;  the longer rose tie is threaded on the loops at the neckline and pulled tight enough for comfortable fit around the neck.

Different Ways To Wear The Cape With Buttons

 Back view of the cape.

This Cape can be worn in a variety of ways as shown by the photos:  Above photo shows the cape being worn close to the neck and buttoned down at the chest.  The photo below shows it as a wrap worn around the shoulders.  This is possible because of the tie that adjusts the width of the neckline.

Note that in the remaining photos below I turned the cape upside down so that the wider blue border is now the neckline.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cape/Cowl/Hood With Buttons

This cape can be worn tighter close to the neck or worn as a wrap around the shoulders by tightening or loosening the tie.  It can also be worn over the head.  It can be unbuttoned in places or completely and be worn as a scarf or neck warmer.

Cape With Rose #1

This cape can be worn two different ways:  1) Wear it closer to the neck with the use of a longer rose tie. 2)  Wear it as a wrap around the shoulder by using the shorter rose tie.