Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Say Goodbye to summer and Hello To Fall!

I always find it difficult to say goodbye to people most of all but also to most things   I have, and saying goodbye to a season is no different.  I want to hold onto them for as long as I can.

It suddenly turned cold but I want to cling on to spring and summer, at least in the colors of my clothes.  I have not taken out my cold weather outfits and it already turned cold!  To express my rebellion,  I'm wearing these outfits!  See photos below.

Thread Crochet -- Wild Rose Crochet Motif

Friday, August 8, 2014

Granny Square Using Tapestry Crochet Technique

Most Tapestry Crochet that I've seen are done in Single Crochet (sc) but it is possible to do it in Double Crochet (dc) also.  The Granny Square above is done using Tapestry Technique in Double Crochet (dc) except the last round which was done in Single Crochet (sc).

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Treasuring Crochet

For information regarding the HWY 411 yard sale please click

Hwy 411 yardsale near Etowah, TN

I spent 2 days going through yard sales.  I was looking for a particular household item but I was distracted by all the other items that people are selling.  Some of those items are old crocheted afghans and crocheted thread bedspreads.  I can't imagine how many countless hours that the makers of those beautiful lace bedspreads and afghans have spent making them.

One particular afghan caught my attention.  It looked like a granny square with a three-dimensional Rose motif in the middle of each square.  I liked the color scheme too, which was the color of Fuchsia.  Upon close inspection, I saw that there were knots and yarn tails all over the afghans, where the two different colors of yarn were attached together.  Seeing these,  ruined my appreciation of the Afghan.

I see this quite often in Crocheted Afghans.  Crochet work that are carelessly made diminish the value of the craft (Crochet) as a whole.

I'm also dismayed to see crocheted work tossed carelessly around, because, I know how much time, money and effort have been spent on creating the work, sure the creator of the work must have enjoyed making them and had done them only at their own leisure, but this is beside the point.  Crochet Educators can help the public appreciate the Art and Craft of Crochet by emphasizing to their students the importance of good finishing techniques at the beginning level because some very eager Crochet students would make big projects as soon as they learn to make few basic crochet stitches before knowing good finishing techniques and this is why some crocheted work appears to be carelessly done.

As Crocheters, let's help the public value our work by making neat and tidy crocheted work that may be appreciated for years to come!!!

Not only did I enjoy looking at the many different items on sale but I enjoyed the scenic drive from Monroe County to McMinn County, near Etowah, TN.  This is one event that I'll remember to do again next year.  Here are some more photos along Hwy 411: